John Bock's Language Cream

The Messy Adventures of the Check-In Architecture Gang:
This Week's Exciting Episode!

Artist John Bock's performance-lectures are the things of legend. Weird, funny, and seriously nonsensical to anyone but perhaps Bock, they fall somewhere in-between the Mad Hatter, a physics professor, Joseph Beuys, and Paul McCarthy. He hasn't "lectured" publicly in two years, but one is planned during the opening of his newest exhibition in Milan. Our editor Nicola Bozzi heads to Galleria Gio Marconi in Milan to see if Bock lives up to the hype or if his madness is a put on. Given his playful obsession with Hannibal Lecter, white curly wigs, and language cream, we're pretty sure that whatever you can say about John Bock, he's very, very serious.

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