Check-in Architecture Blog

We at Check-In Architecture, after working 12 hours a day in the CIA dungeon (cosy digs in Milano), indulge ourselves in the only form of resistance left in the twenty-first century, surfing the internet, though we would much rather be surfing couches alongside you on missions (lucky bastards).

Though our bodies are chained to our desks, our spirits run free. Watch this space for musings, topical, digressive, contemporary, historic, poetic, and delightfully distracting on everything from architecture, urbanism, public space, private space, fevered imaginings of spaces that don't yet exist, dreamy rememberings of buildings since demolished, cultural production, economies, critique, and of course how all these things are radically effected by new-fangled media (like this here blog).

And lest I forget, shameless self promotion.

Stay tuned.