CIA on Domusweb

In the initial post we promised, in addition to regular musing, shameless self-promotion. Don't worry, such a policy continues truly. The positive press has started to roll in and we want you burnish our credentials with a few independent (positive) reviews. Okay, tongue firmly in cheek. But unlike any underpaid creatives working from a lonely cafe somewhere in Berlin (or factory district in Milan as the case may be) we like the sweet taste of recognition, before we return to our keyboards and third cup of coffee, trying to not to stare at the girl crossing her legs on the other side of the cafe.

Which is to say Domusweb has interviewed some of our fearless leaders, Luca Martinazzoli, Mario Flavio Benini, and Luca Legnani Jr., to chat about our projects, a few cups of coffee probably played a role in that conversation as well.

Check it out here on Domusweb.

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