What is The Italian Job?

When we're researching the Travel Bags for the various missions we come across amazing videos on YouTube. The trailer for the movie, The Italian Job particularly titillated us. We're actually doing a mission recreating (as legally as possible) the chase scene. Here's a snippet from the mission script below, but really just watch this clip.

In the Peter Collinson's 1969 film The Italian Job starring Michael Caine, a gang of British crooks steal a bundle of gold bullion from Turin using three Mini Coopers. They sabotage the city's traffic control system, creating total chaos, and then escape the city in one of the best car chases in the movie history, tearing through Turin’s landmarks at breakneck speed.

As an experience, driving explores a way of encountering, conceiving and remaking urban space. It does so by investigating how different kinds of driving, at different speeds and on different roads, produce distinct encounters with cities and architecture and, hence, also produce similarly distinct political and cultural experiences.

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