The Transmitting Architecture Report

We're through with editing, delaying and working on the video material we collected back in Turin last week, and we're finally releasing a considerable amount of brand new stuff for you guys to enjoy.

This video blog load features:

- Aaron Betsky having a talk with us about language in architecture;

- Cino Zucchi and Mirko Zardini discussing about communication practices (they laugh when we ask them about communication in the congress);

- P.K. Das speaking out about social changes, equality and architecture;

- Fran├žois Roche heavily critiquing the congress and preferring Guattari-style ecosophy to eco-sustainability;
- Mario Cucinella sharing some of his thoughts on human-scale architecture and the architecture star system.

- Adam Greenfield telling us about buildings with moving walls, open source and the internet;

It's a lot of stuff, so take your time to check it all out and come back here often for more CIA videos.

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