CIA Transmitting Architecture through partying

Transmitting Architecture can be pretty boring at times. But we manage to party the congress away. Yesterday night, after an intense day of working and interviewing, the whole CIA crew gathered with lots of other congress visitors and random Turinese bohemians in Piazza Vittorio. As we were sipping on some fresh drinks, different performers livened up the porticos with music. When it got a little late - for the neighbors - we danced to the noiseless beats pumped through wireless headphones directly into our heads, making the Piazza our own silent disco.

As the night pushed on, a smaller group of partying nighthawks rallied to a rather bizarre Villa in the outskirts of Turin, a very old building turned into a party that the late Stanley Kubrick would have dug. The tipsy crowd danced to the Invernomuto and Shackleton dj sets until rosy-fingered dawn, occasionally climbing the rocky stairs to the bar, where a darker version of Benicio Del Toro - who eventually wanted to beat up our chief editor Fabio - served us a few cocktails.


Marco said...

Fabio, sei paranoico, sappilo. :)

elena.proverbio said...

ma allora è vero che volevano menare Fabio.. ma chi? come ? quando? perchè? mm forse ero ubriaca e non me ne sono accorta? ahah

olivia said...

si però il parcheggiatore dell'oval l'ha preso in simpatia. secondo me gli abbiamo fatto pena.