Festarch - epilogue

We were still a bit sleepy from last night - which ended up in a street party at the harbor, with the Minis' speakers booming and some street guys joining the dances with the CIA crew - when José and Nico left their four-star hotel to head back to their hometown Cologne. As they went back home, our own Gianmario and Elena got ready to fly to Venice, to join a party in Jesolo with Soulwax. These adventure and more are coming to a theater near you.

Last day of Festarch, we're not ready to head back home yet. Before packing all our stuff up tomorrow, we're gonna make sure to have the last shot at architectonic parties. Architects don't have much of a reputation for naked moonlight swims, but tonight in Cagliari, we're going to be working our hardest to change this.

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Anonymous said...

grazie gian. grazie per tutto quello che MI hai fatto!