"We Love Magazines!"

Signjammin' Signjammin'
Gonna keep this party cracking
CIA has got your attention
and we’re rocking on the Signjammin’ rhythm
They say people can’t relate to our band
Misfit children making missions by hand
We’re not tapping out the beat on our laptops
Save your secretary jive for nerdstock
We’re thumping and strumming and a-banging
At the club or in the basements
It’s always a party when the mission gets started
and the screaming hasn’t stopped in Milan
Signjammin' Signjammin'
Just a abumpin' and ahumpin' and aslappin'
Signjammin' like this...
(Grossly adapted from Dub Narcotic Sound Systems "Handclappin'")

Signjam: the final frontier of commercial street culture, we wrote a mission about it already just a short while ago. And yes, the topic is so full, rich, bursting with possibilities, we are shooting another documentary on them. Or rather, Signjam is another project made by the same agency that makes Check-In Architecture, Metaflow. So we felt a healthy helping of shameless self-promotion was in order.

Soon, right at our new headquarters in Via Oslavia, 27, another round of workshops about cashing in on street culture will go down, this time regarding diffusion and communication, along with networking and the satisfying sensuality of printed paper.

The first day's topic is guerrilla advertising, with the international Cunning agency involving the attendants in a viral campaign brainstorming session. On the second day, lecool magazine editor Andrew Losowsky and shift! magazine creator Anja Lutz will discuss tendencies and new grounds in the world of commericial street mags, from nightlife mapping to street art and, let's hear that dirty word again, networking.

So if you're egualrly buying things you see advertised in graffiti magazines, this might just be your scene.

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