We've been earing the rumblings of wealthy libertarians sick of being unable to change the system for a awhile now, and now they've seemed to have shifted their attentions (slightly) away from invisible hand free market domination and towards a simpler means to achieving their economic and political goals: starting their own countries

Apparently it's easier than it sounds. Sealand has long claimed independent status, and though they've been unable to win anything in court acknowledging it as so for their man-made island in international waters off the coast of Britain, no one's really done anything to them either.

Rarely can we actually build declarative, political architecture, a phrase that Geoff Managh at BLDGBLG calls "post-terrestrial sovereignty, i.e. governance freed from landed terrain."

Here's the original Wired article here and some nice commentary at BLDGBLG.

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