The Riesumazione of San Padre Pio

Certain devout Catholics fiercely believe that the Padre Pio's stigmata - the wounds of Jesus on the cross sometimes divinely remade on his most devoted followers - are evidence of his sanctity, others, more skeptical, assert that he acquired carbolic acid from a local pharmacist to create his wounds.

What is interesting for us is that 15,000 worshippers gathered the 24th of April at the shrine of the Roman Catholic saint and mystic Padre Pio, and a few days ago hundreds of videos uploaded by onlookers - and not - swarmed into Youtube. You can start the tour at the video above tracked from here.

His exhumed body went on display for the first time since his death almost 40 years ago.

We haven't been able to take a student in front of the glass coffin at San Giovanni Rotondo, in the Apulia Region in southern Italy. More than a million people are expected to line in front of the transparent casket between now and September 2009. Catholic practice allows for
the remains of saints to be exhumed, checked for their state of deterioration and exhibited as relics for veneration. No Check-in Architecture researchers has been there yet to investigate, but beside we are working on another pilgrimage mission, for a real missionary.

Destination: Santiago de Compostela.
Vehicle: just your feet and your
travel bag.

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