Justice - Stress

There's been some talk about this video being censored in many countries. Maybe it's because it's fucking hardcore? You can't really tell whether the people in it were aware of the taping or not, maybe it's just state-of-the-art prank, but it really does look scary. It's like the guys from La Haine got shitfaced with the Man Bites Dog crew and decided to raid the streets of Paris. As for banlieu-savvy directing the closest thing that comes to mind is this video, but Romain Gavras adds a much thicker atmosphere to it, along with tons of movie references.
Just like La Haine and The Warriors were intense cityscape crossings dealing with urban space and subcultural codes, you can't really watch these images without feeling the subterranean grain of street life. Be it Paris or New York, sometimes a moving picture can help a city keep up to its status of myth.

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