CIA on Tour

In a way, Check-In Architecture is always on tour, traveling around in cars, airplanes, boats, and on foot, from city to city across Europe. But we, CIA staffers rarely get a chance to get unshackled from our desks, so now we get to trot around the continent ourselves to present the project to different universities. So if you study near or in to one of the following schools, run don't walk, to one of our presentations, meet a few of us. We'll talk to you about how great this thing is and the possibility of traveling around Europe for free and making documentaries. Come meet us, we don't bite or anything.

If you come, you can sign up for one of our missions!

Date - City, University, "Mission" Sign Up

13 May - Delft (Rotterdam), TU, "Festivalism" Barcellona
13 May - London, Metropolitan, "Portrait of the Pilgrims", Santiago De Compostela
13 May - London, East London, "Portrait of the Pilgrims", Santiago De Compostela
14 May - Leeds, School of Design, "Gypsy Caravan", Prague
14 May - Köln, KISD, "Festarch", Cagliari
15 May - Paris, ESAM, "Commodity Exchange", Leeds
15 May - Paris, E. N. S. d'Architecture Belleville, "Commodity Exchange", Leeds
15 May - Barcellona, ETSAV, "Corporate Living", Belfast
16 May - Berlin, TU Architecture, "Acqua Alta", Venice

Here's the link to all the schools participating in the project so far.

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