The First!

Though we maintain a high level of overexcited earnestness for all of our projects, we sometimes are extra-excitedly earnest for certain missions. Think of a child chasing after an ice cream truck, or a chihuahua humping your leg. We are really this excited! Thus the prodigious use of exclamation points!!!

So once a week, we'll post the abstract for a mission we find especially sexy. Now our version of sexy is probably different than yours. For example, we think Yona Friedman is sexy. You may have a different opinion, but if you're lucky enough to go on this particular mission, your opinion will undoubtedly come to resemble ours. Check-in Architecture: Molding minds to our will, one student at a time!

Here's the abstract. Enjoy!

To: Frankfurt, Germany
Location/Event: Portikus
Title: Smoke on the Water
Date: Coming Soon

Q: Can water help architecture to build utopias in the city?

Frankfurt is an efficient (and often boring landscape-wise) financial center to Germany and it has little of the utopian cityscape of Yona Friedman's visions. If there is any, that has to be the Portikus space for contemporary art, which is the right place to host utopist architect and theorist Friedman's exhibition, which consists of various installations built for the gallery with help from students and alumnus of the St├Ądelschule, drawing from some of his – now less utopian – ideas.

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